The Atlantis Award for Poetry
ancient future (nominated for Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net 2017)

Breakwater Review

epoch h
postcards to voyager 1 (1994)

UCity Review
lateral cuniform
construction & winter

Jet Fuel Review
come on in my kitchen

The Penn Review
halcyon (forthcoming)

Split Rock Review
natal homing

Glass Poetry Press
before quiet
we lived on a mantel (2001)

Saint Paul Almanac
of a time
saint paul public library

Ghost City Review
madonna on the burnt pancake
a love supreme
reconciling with deleted files

L'Éphémère Review
the bottom (nominated for Best of the Net 2017)

Peach Mag
brown bears

Squawk Back
primordial drink

Bombus Press
baby brother (nominated for Pushcart Prize 2018)

all-american roommate (finalist for Best of the Net 2017)

Temenos Journal
field & fly

Second Prize for Into the Void Poetry Competition
a conversation with my grandmother who has alzheimer's