Dear Dementia, Ghost City Press, 2017

“The decline of an eccentric and inspirational grandmother into dementia not only warrants the occasion to honor her indelible influence on the poet’s psyche, but also launches a heartbreaking meditation on mortality, consciousness, and perception—leavened by compassionate attention to the thingness of our daily lives.”
                                           —James Cihlar, author of The Shadowgraph

“M. Wright is off to the races with his chapbook Dear Dementia. Caped in the overall theme of his grandmother's Alzheimer's disease, the poems within it are slung like arrows at god and the questioning of god and life itself. These poems appear in an orderly yet somehow bizarrely random way which works perfectly due to the fact that many of the main revelations in this book are uttered or caused by a person with dementia. This just adds to the excitement for the reader. This chapbook is important because it is a "thinking" book which are very difficult to come across these days. This book is constructed of such philosophy that one will want to reread this book many times over. And don't forget the ice cream, which may just signify the Universe itself or our own inevitable end of life as a mushy feeble pulp. M. Wright is an extremely brilliant poet with one hell of a future awaiting him and that future starts right here, right now, with his riveting chapbook.
                                           —Heath Brougher, author of A Curmudgeon is Born